Why New Contractors Must Get the Right Level of Insurance from Day One

Whenever any activity takes place in the construction industry, no matter how small, a certain amount of risk is evident. This is why it's important for all parties concerned to be covered by the right type of insurance and for the contractor, specifically, to be adequately protected. It can be quite a difficult area to grasp, but it's nevertheless crucial to understand what types of service and activity have to be insured through things like civil contracting insurance, so that the proper policy is put in place from day one. Read More 

4 Types of Insurance Every Small Business Owner Should Have

Business owners usually know that they need liability insurance in case they get sued for defective products, or anything similar, and worker's compensation insurance for any employees on their payroll. However, there are many other types of insurance that should be considered by a small business owner in order to protect the business and their finances. Note a few suggestions. 1. Business interruption insurance Many small business owners rely on a variety of factors to keep their business running, and anything that interrupts those factors can mean a complete shutdown of the business. Read More